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Why Quality is important.

On this page I want to explain clearly and simply why buying cheap or discount vitamins is a waste of money AND why buying independent, high quality brands is important for your health and wellness.


In the good old days of the late 20th Century the health supplement industry was mostly run by highly motivated, often ridiculed, individuals that were regarded as a little eccentric.
Organic wholefoods and vitamin supplements was supported by a few fanatical like minded pioneers. Very few supplements were available, and mostly individuals sold their favourite health supplements that they manufactured themselves, vitamin C and Vitamin E being the most popular.
This, however, did not last forever, the natural health industry grew and, moving into the 21st century, actually became one of the big success stories in fact, health and fitness is still one of the big growth industries, even in a recession.
As a result of the growth,  big finance and the large pharmaceuticals started sniffing around the more successful independent companies and buying them up. I don't blame people for selling as a tidy retirement income was to be made, but the fact is the new owners had entirely different motivations.
The old, independent, companies were largely motivated by a desire to improve society by helping people become more healthy.
The new companies are largely motivated by share price and profit for their shareholders.
What this means is they are aiming to produce health supplements as cheaply as possible, and sell them for maximum profit.
A lot of this is possibly because of their buying power, but a lot of it is achieved also by purchasing cheaper, less quality ingredients and engaging in cheaper manufacturing methods such as using cheap chemical fillers and binders and creating tablets that can be mass produced more cheaply..
Of course, these large companies have the funds to buy  lots of glossy advertising telling you how they care about you and how they are selling the best quality products but the bottom line is that these companies are primarily motivated by share price, not the customer. They only really care about the customer if this affects share price.

Natural Health Marketing only offers products on this website from privately owned companies where the people still care about your health and the quality of the supplements

Quality ingredients.

The ingredients in the brands on this website are the best quality, this means the products are pure and effective. 
Customer feedback tells us that they really benefit more from better quality ingredients.

Tablets vs. capsules

Tablets in most cases require heat to make them, this damages many nutrients that are destroyed by heat. The bigger companies tend to use tablets, most of the products on our website are contained in capsules. Tablets also usually have to be created by using fillers, binders, excipients, colourings, disintegrants and dilutents these are often undesirable chemicals as they are cheaper and increase profits..
Most of our product are free of binders and only use wholegrain Rice flour and Alfalfa Flour as fillers. The vegetarian capsules used in most of the products offered on our website are easily digested, meaning you are getting a lot more of the actual product.
In the case of really cheap vitamins 85% of the tablet consists of chemical additives, apart from the heath questions on this they are poor value for money.

Ingredient rip off.

As we have already said, cheap vitamins often means cheap, impure ingredients and lots of fillers and binders. There is , however another aspect of this and that is quality of formulas. Cheap vitamins often contain the minimum number of vitamins or other nutrients to legally call them a formula. Often the ingredients are on the label but not clearly stated on the website, as they are on ours. For example I was looking at a vitamin B complex the other day, my attention was caught by the price which was about half of what we are selling on this website. When I looked at the ingredients on the label there were a total of 4 B vitamins in the formula. It was enough to call it a B complex but not all the B vitamins were in it.. The other trick I often see is when a company puts lots of the nutrients in but most of them are only traces.

Our supplements are great value as they contain all the necessary ingredients and we display the full breakdown on the website for formulas. For example the G&G Vitamins B complex contains ALL of the B vitamins in a proper balance.


Cheap, poor quality vitamins are ineffective and spoil the reputation of the Natural Health industry as people who don't know better think they don't work. The simple truth is that you are not going to derive much benefit from tablets that cost £1.00.

We sell quality supplements, customer that buy these brands attest to there effectiveness, that's why they are willing to pay that extra money to get the real benefits.

Don't sell yourself short if you really care about your health and wellness and don't give supplements a bad name by buying cheap, poor quality vitamins.




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