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and G Vitamins Kids Multi

A multivitamin and mineral supplement 
formulation just for kids, in a children's 
sized Trufil capsule. Each capsule is 
designed for children so that they 
are easily swallowed and digested 
by the body. If your little ones don't 
like capsules, then no need to worry. 
Our capsules can be easily opened 
and the contents can be added to a 
meal or drink, thus making sure your 
child gets all their vital vitamins and 

120 vegetarian capsules £10.00

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Ready Steady Go

A fruit flavoured vitamin and mineral 
drink for children with over 25 
ingredients. Give yourself or your 
children a well balanced fruity 
tasting drink, with none of the 
draw backs of soft drinks. A 
great tasty way to get some 
additional vitamins into the diet.
 Ready Steady Go! is a powdered
multivitamin that is ideal for
children. The orange flavoured
powder contains a high quality
blend of essential vitamins
and minerals that can be
mixed with water to
provide a dietary s
upplement ideal for
the whole family. Ready
Steady Go! is also suitable
for vegetarians and vegans.

100g powder £8.00

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Children's Fish Oil 

Fish oil is a great source of 
eicosapentaenoic acid and 
docosahexaenoic acid, more 
commonly known as EPA and 
DHA. They are both sources of 
Omega-3 fatty acids, providing 
87mg EPA and 58mg DGA per 
softgel. We use a very high quality 
of fish oil to ensure high levels of 
EPA and DHA. Blended with 
vitamin E our fish oil 
supplements offer more 
health benefits and our ideal for children.

    120 softgels £9.00

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    Kids Rainbow Foods

    120 vegetarian caps £17.00
    100g powder £22.00

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    Chewable Vitamin C

    100 tablets £17.00

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