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Cleansing and Detox
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B complex
with Niacin
Many of the B vitamins
have a detoxifying function,
especially Niacin (B3).
B-Complex 50mg
with Niacin -
50 Caps £8.64  -
100 Caps £16.11

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E-EPA Fish Oil
Omega 3 Oils lubricate the intestinal walls and help the body get rid of waste.
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60 caps
Price: £19.99

Evening Primrose Oil

An integral part of many detox programs

100 Non-Veg Caps
Price £9.54
500 Non-Veg Caps
Price £32.63
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Vitamin B3, Niacin
Helps flush toxins from the body.
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100mg 100 caps
Price £9.36
500mg 100 caps
Price £13.77
Choose strength carefully, may cause hot flushing
Choose strength carefully

Robert Gray Intestinal Bulking Agent 111
Price: £30.00

Hawaiian Spirulina
A nutrient rich super food that also detoxifies.
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Daily Pack- Purity
A collection of purifying vitamins in handy daily packs.
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Price: £44.28

Digestive complex
A formula of digestive enzymes
100 caps
Price 19.44
A nutrient rich superfood that also detoxifies.

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Fibre Detox
An excellent formula for cleaning the system using fibre sources.

300g powder
Price £13.71

A special formula for relieving cravings and relief from withdrawal
100 caps
Price £12.41
The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Package .
A program for cleansing and removing mucus from the intestines.
Price: £82.00
The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing formula
Price: £30.00

The Robert Gray Special Formula Bulking Agent
Price: £30.00

Robert Gray
Food 111
Feeds your friendly  bacteria in your intestines, helps them grown and  be healthy.
Price: £31.30


Robert Gray Candida Cleansing Package
A full and effective Candida
infection support package.

Price: £185.59

A formula for cleaning
the digestive system and
100 caps
Price: £14.24




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