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Digestive Support
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Important Note: Our probiotics are very high quality and very strong. To preserve their potency they are only sent to customers on the UK mainland and by next day courier. When you order you will be sent an email with special instructions to ensure you receive your order safely. All other products are sent by Royal Mail and can be sent anywhere in the EU.
G and G Vitamins Digesta- 

Digesta Enhance is a
unique formula designed
to enhance the body's
complex digestive
system A high-quality
blend of natural i
ngredients, such as
lipase, protease, peppermint
leaf, fennel seed, bromelain,
papain and ginger extract.
Lipase is an enzyme the
body uses to break down
fats in food so they can
be absorbed in the
intestines. Protease is
a type of enzyme that
functions mainly to
elp us digest different
kinds of proteins.

120 vegetarian capsules £17.00

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G and G Vitamins Digesta Protect

Digesta Protect is designed
to cleanse the colon and
the intestinal tract. Research
shows that a healthy colon is
full of billions of bacteria that
play an important role in
digestion and general
hysical health. Many of
the botanicals used in
Digesta Protect have
been used for centuries i
n the East and are
blended with live cultures
and minerals.

140 vegetarian capsules £12.00


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G and G Vitamins Digesta- 

Digesta Cleanse is a
hypoallergenic, high fibre
formula with vitamin C,
minerals and psyllium
husk powder. It contains
a key ingredient, psyllium
husk powder, which is
an excellent source of
fibre. As psyllium is soluble,
t is able to pass through
the digestive system without
being completely broken
down or absorbed.
Instead, it absorbs
water and becomes
a viscous compound
that benefits constipation,
diarrhea, blood sugar,
blood pressure,
cholesterol and weight loss.

200g powder £11.00

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