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You will find G&G Vitamins products in ever section of this website, so rather than list the products it is worth telling you about this company.
G&G vitamins is a family run, independent Vitamin Company that manufactures a wide variety of very high quality natural health supplements from it's own certified factory and Clean Room in East Grinstead West Sussex. As the vitamins are produced in-house they are able to provide a quality of product and quality control that is second to none.
G and G Vitamins was founded in 1965 by David and Sheila Gaiman to cater for the start of the post-war demand  for high quality vitamins and the latest research showing that greater doses of some vitamins were needed  than was generally believed at this time. The company is still privately owned by the family. The founders were David Gaiman who was a successful businessman and Sheila Gaiman (his wife) a qualified Pharmacist.

G&G specialises in high quality ingredients without the fillers and binders found in cheap brands. These fillers  and binders can sometimes be toxic or cause allergic reactions, but apart from that they pad out the weight  of the vitamin, deceiving the customer as the the true weight of actual vitamin in the pill. Quite apart from
that the vitamins in cheap pills are often of such low quality they are virtually useless.

G and G vitamins have an industry wide reputation for the quality and effectiveness of their products, with many unique  formulas and products which are manufactured on site in their certified clean room. Over the past 45 years G&G has delivered products of the highest quality and efficacy to ensure you get the  full benefit of your quality supplements.

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