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How to order

We offer two ways for you to order from this website.
The main website contains links to order all products. Some probiotic products such as Natren and MicroLife are only sent by courier. The couner charges vary according to country and region. For example the Channel islands come under British jurisdiction, but the courier price is different to the British mainland, as is Northern Ireland, Corsica comes under French jurisdiction but the courier price is different to France. Some countries charge an import tax, this is included in the couer price
We are pleased to announce that we now make courier deliver to most European Countries, Islands and regions, both EU member Countries and Non Members. If you want your order delivered to the Scottish Highlands, all UK Islands, Northern Ireland, and anywhere in Europe, including  EU Islands, go to the special ordering page here
The ordering procedure is very simple, but if you run into difficulties please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 459 0877 or use the contact form on the website, we will always respond promptly.
Your call will only be charged 1p a minute from BT landlines wherever you are on the British mainland, but if you are in other parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland or are in a European Union country other than the UK you will be charged different rates, so you need to check that before calling.
Payment Security.
We use PayPal secure online payment. You don't need to be a member of PayPal to order but iuf you join it gives you other secure payment options for your order.
This method of payment is very secure as we NEVER see any of your card details and PayPal does not retain your card details either. If you pay by credit card your provider will also refund you if something goes wrong with your order, which it will not because we will deal with any problems quickly!
If you  open a PayPal account  and pay using this you will also have the benefit of PayPal Charge Back protection.
Second Method: If you do not possess a card you can use, or prefer to pay by cheque or postal order then we can accept this.
Make cheques out to Natural Health Marketing, and Postal Orders to "Mr. Alan P. Cook" print your name and sign the back of the chque or postal order. Then post this to:
Natural Health Marketing
30 Shelley Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 1SY
Enclose a letter with your name, address and phone number on it and name the product you want. Be careful to give the name of the product and the specific type(e.g powder or capsules). size/quantity you want, your name, address and your email address. We not retain your phone number without your permission, this is purely in case we need to ask you any questions about your order.
We will send you an email as soon as your order is received, or if you forget to provide your email we will phone you.
If you do not provide your phone number or email we will send the product out when the cheque or postal order clears, regardless of the size of order.
If you do not provide any of these details, we will hold onto the cheque or postal order until you contact us, and your order will be delayed. If you do not contact us within 1 month we will cancel the order and destroy the cheque/`postal order. We will never bank a cheque or postal order if we cannot confirm or fulfill the order.
If your order is under £40.00 we will send the product as soon as we receive the cheque or postal order.
If your order is over £40.00 we will send your order as soon as the cheque or postal clears in our account.
Please note that the Natren Probiotic range and Earthdust probiotics have a specikal ordering procedure, there are 2 shopping carts.
Shopping Cart 1
UK mainland orders.
Shopping Cart2
Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and all other off shore British Islands, all European Union member countries but excludes European Islands like Cyprus,Sardinia etc.
For orders under £80.00 a small postage charge will be applied at checkout, the remaining courier charge is incorporated into the price of the product, for orders over £80.00 the entire courier price is incorporated into the price of the product.
This only applies to the Probiotics above as they are shipped by Courier and Britain is considerably less expensive for courier service than the other areas.
All other products, postal charge will be applied at checkout.



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