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Fish Oil (Omega 3)
Salmon Oil Source of Omega 3's EPA/DHA
1000mg 100 softgels.

Price: £12.84

Dr. Tolomen's Purified
Omega 3.
The best selling Omega 3 in Scandinavia.
500mg - 60 Caps
Price: £19.99

Children's Fish Oil
(Omega 3).
Salmon Oil Source of Omega 3's EPA/DHA 320mg 100 softgels.
Lower dose suitable for children.
100 softgel capsules,
Price: £9.69



Evening Primrose Oil
500mg 100 Non-Veg Caps

500mg 100 vegetarian caps £10.10

Borage (Starflower) Oil.
 500mg, 100
vegetarian caps.
Price £15.90

Selenium and A,C,E
and EPO
50 vegetarian caps.
Price £6.48




MSM and Vitamin C.
100 vegetarian caps £11.39


and Vitamin C,
A great formula of
nutrients for the joints.
100 caps £16.12
400 caps: £59.04

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EasyVits Ginger,
Chondroitin and
Vitamin C.
Joint Formula.
60 caps £10.08
350 caps £50.00

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Collagen is a type of protein
that helps keep healthy
connective tissue in the skin
and tendons and therefore
keeps the skin healthy.
50 caps 400mg

Collagen Extra
Collagen Extra is a formula
containing key nutrients for the
skin and joints. Collagen,
Glucosamine, Chondroitin and
Vitamin C.
Collagen Extra 50 caps £16.85.

Natural Astaxanthin.
Benefits silent inflammation.
40 caps £15.80

Yin Yang - MSM Cream
Price: £23.44

Flax Seed (Linseed) Oil
250ml liquid: £13.25
1000mg, 100 softgels: 
1000mg, 500 softgels: 
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Celadrin® is made from a
patented complex
combination of special
esterified fatty acids, derived
from bovine tallow oi. More
potent than Glucosamine
in joint support.
Not suitable for vegetarians.
400mg 50 caps £14.20





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