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Minerals and Multi Minerals
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Zinc and Copper

60 vegetarian caps #6.00

5-HTP 60

60 vegetarian caps £8.00

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60 vegetarian caps £22.00


G and G Vitamins Cal-M

Cal-M supplies calcium and magnesium 
along with organic cider vinegar to create t
hat optimum acidity for a calmag supplement. 
This allows for far greater absorption 
than taking calcium and magnesium 
through other means.

This unique calmag supplement 
formula is premixed and dried, 
so all you have to do is add water 
to get the perfect mix of calcium 
and magnesium. The advantage 
of this unique formula is the speed 
of assimilation and ease of preparation. 
In addition, Cal-M also provides traces 
of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and 

100g powder £11.00
500g powder £38.00
1kg powder £68.00
120 vegetarian capsules 250mg £12.00
1000 veg
etarian capsules 250mg £85.00

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G and G Vitamins Calcium

Calcium Gluconate is manufactured
by the neutralisation of calcium
carbonate. It is on the World
Health Organisation's list of Essential
Medicines, a list of the most important
medication needed in a basic health system.
Ideally used as part of a calcium/magnesium

350g powder £18.00

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G and G Vitamins Chromium Picolinate 200ug

Our Chromium Picolinate mineral
supplements are made from pure
picolate chromium, encapsulated
in a vegetable shell. Chromium
contributes to normal macronutrient
metabolism Chromium also
contributes to the maintenance 
of normal blood glucose levels

60 vegetarian capsules £6.00

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G and G Vitamins Iron Dislyglinate

60 vegetarian capsules 20mg £8.00
60 vegetarian capsules 50mg £9.00

Iron is an essential mineral required
for life. Iron is necessary for the
production of hemoglobin, myoglobin,
and certain enzymes.Our Iron mineral
supplements contain pure iron in encapsulated form

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G and G Vitamins
Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium carbonate is used to
relieve acid indigestion like
eart burn and other stomach
upsets. It is also used as part
of the formula for calcium
and magnesium drinks.To
produce the highest quality
magnesium carbonate
supplement, we only
use pure magnesium
carbonate powder.

100g powder £9.00

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G and G Vitamins Magnesium 
Citrate 50mg

Magnesium is an elemental mineral.
Magnesium citrate is a magnesium
preparation in salt form with citric
acid in a 1:1 ratio (1 magnesium
atom per citrate molecule).
We use magnesium cit
rate in our magnesium
supplements, because it is
more easily absorbed into
the body, reacting better with the body.

90 vegetarian capsules £12.00

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G and G Vitamins Potassium
Gluconate 500mg

Potassium is an essential mineral
that contributes to maintenance
of normal blood pressure,
muscle function and the nervous
system. It can be found naturally
in bananas.Our Potassium
Gluconate supplements
provide high quality
potassium encapsulated
within a vegetarian shell.

120 vegetarian capsules £10.00

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G and G Vitamins Selenium

Selenium is a mineral found in
the soil. Selenium naturally appears
in water and some foods. While
people only need a very small
amount, selenium is an important
antioxidant.. We use
L-Selenomethionine in our
selenium supplement, as it is an
organic form of selenium rather
than synthetic. The bioavailability
of selenium from L-selenomethionine
has been shown to be
approximately 1.5 to 2-fold higher t
han that of inorganic forms of selenium.

120 vegetarian capsules £10.00

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G and G Vitamins Zinc

120 vegetarian capsules 15mg £9.00
120 vegetarian capsules 22 mg £10.00

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Zinc works with the body, 
overseeing the efficiency 
flow of process and the 
maintenance of some 
body systems.

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G and G Vitamins
Tissue Salts

Our tissue salts are presented in
small, highly palatable tablet form.
They dissolve easily under the
tongue, and so are quickly
assimilated into the blood stream

1000 tablets £30.00

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Himalayan Crystal Salt - Fine Salt 500g

Bestcare Himalayan Natural
Rock Salt

Benefits of Himalayan salt include
the remineralisation of the body
with over 80 minerals and trace
elements essential to health. I
t also helps to balance the
body's pH levels, and can l
ead to significant positive
changes to respiratory, circulatory
and nervous system
functions amongst others. 

Fine Salt 500g bag £6.20
Granulated Salt 500g Bag £6.20
Rocks 500g £6.95

Fine Salt 1kg bag £11.95
Granulated Salt 1kg Bag £11.95
Rocks 1kg £11.95

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