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Oils and Omega 3 
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G and G Vitamins
Evening Primrose
Oil 500mg (aka
Vitamin F)

Vitamin F is best known as
Evening Primrose Oil, and
is derived from the seed of
 the evening primrose plant. 
Our Vitamin F Evening
Primrose Oil supplement
blend combines linoleic acid
(a source of omega 6), oleic
acid (a source of omega 9),
and vitamin E. We guarantee
a minimum 10% GLA level.
Linoleic acid contributes to the
maintenance of normal blood
cholesterol levels

120 softgels 12.00

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G and  G vitamins Omega 
3 Fish Oil 1000mg

The two key essential fatty acids
in Omega 3 are EPA
(eicosapentaenoic acid) and
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
Our Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements
contain high quality Omega 3
fatty acids, sourced from
Peruvian Anchovies. This
allows each softgel to provide
EPA 190mg and DHA 130mg.
DHA contributes to maintenance
of normal brain function, and to
the maintenance of normal vision

90 softgels £10.00

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G and G Vitamins Children's Fish
Oil 500mg

Fish oil is a great source of 
eicosapentaenoic acid and 
docosahexaenoic acid, more 
commonly known as EPA and 
DHA. They are both sources of 
Omega-3 fatty acids, providing 
87mg EPA and 58mg DGA per 
softgel. We use a very high q
uality of fish oil to ensure high 
levels of EPA and DHA. Blended 
with vitamin E our fish oil s
upplements offer more health 
benefits and our ideal for children.

    120 softgels &9.00

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    G and G Vitamins Borage
    Oil aka Starflower Oil

    Borage Oil, also know
    as Starflower Oil, is rich
    in Gamma Linoleic Acid
    (GLA), a very rich source
    of omega 6 fatty acid.
    To ensure the purest
    supplement of Borage
    Oil, we only use
    extracted oil from
    he seed of the starflower
    within our supplements.
    The rich oil is encapsulated
    to form a daily supplement t
    hat is a high quality
    source of omega 6
    fatty acids and becoming
    increasingly popular on
    the market today.

    90 softgels £18.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Flaxseed Oil 1000mg

    Flaxseed Oil comes from the seeds 
    of the flax plant and has been a well-
    established source of essential fatty 
    acids for many centuries. It is an 
    especially rich source of the 
    omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid 
    (ALA), which is in short supply 
    in most other seed oils.
    In years gone by flaxseed 
    was an ingredient used 
    in the production of c
    ereals and breads 
    but is now very rarely used. 
    90 softgels £10.00

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