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Robert Gray Cleansing
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Most of the foods eaten today contribute to conditions causing a toxic colon, digestive problems and a slimy mucus build up. As a result, almost everyone suffers a chronic drain on health and vitality that seems normal because it is always present. The build-up of stagnant waste in the digestive tract stops nutrients from being absorbed properly and harbours unfriendly bacteria and parasites. Restoring good health and vitality requires cleansing and detoxification of the entire digestive system. This is done when using the Holistic Horizons Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program.

It is a gentle cleanse designed for a non-invasive approach to removing the mucus build up in the gut and building up the friendly gut bacteria needed for balance and health.

It's a simple 3 step program that has been designed to follow at one's own pace to get maximum benefit

  1. An Intestinal Cleansing Formula in tablet form that softens and loosens the hardened mucoid plaque lining the intestines.
  2. A Bulking Agent in powder form that absorbs and lubricates the loosened mucoid material and sweeps it from the intestinal tract while promoting growth of implanted lactobacteria.
  3. About four to five minutes of full body skin brushing a day to purge the lymphatic system.

Intestinal Bulking Agent 3

12 oz powder £30.00

Intestinal Cleansing Formula 100

100 capsules £30.00

Intestinal Cleansing Formula 250

250 capsules £61.00

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Lactobacteria Food

12 oz powder £31.80



Special Formula Bulking Agent

12 oz powder £30.00

Intestinal Cleansing Package 1

Price £82.00

Intestinal Cleansing Package 2

Price £120.80


Intestinal Cleansing Package 3

Price £228.25