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Hawaiian Spirulina is a primitive plant similar to blue algae but it is not actually a plant but a type of edible cyanobacteria, it does not classify as a plant as it does not have a cell wall and has more characteristics of a bacteria. 

It is highly digestible and packed with essential nutrients. Apart from being the highest source, ounce for ounce, of vegetable protein it is also extremely rich in antioxidants, being the highest known natural source of natural beta carotene and is high in other potent antioxidants and chlorophyll. It is also very rich in iron and B vitamins. For more information and the nutrition breakdown click here

G and G Vitamins Spirulina

120 caps, 500mg, Price £11.00

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Spirulina Powder,glass Jar

90g powder £14.66
225g powder £32.15
450g powder £54.55

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Spirulina Tablets, glass jar
100tablets £11.95
200 tablets £17.95
500 tablets £39.95
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Spirulina tablets, plastic tub
110 tablets: £10.85
220 tablets £19.30
550 tablets £42.41
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Spirulina, powder,
plastic tub
110g powder £18.50
220g powder £30.10
550g powder £59.86
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Seagreens is a seaweed product consisting of 3 types of highly nutritious shallow water arctic seaweed. These types of seaweed tend to be more nutritious as they benefit from sunlight. packed with micronutrients and antioxidants seaweed is renowned for it's health giving properties and is excellent for increasing the alkalinity of the body.

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Seagreens Food Capsules
60 caps £16.96
Seagreens Food Granules
100g   £41.94







Essential Food
The health properties of barley has been known for thousands of years. The Roman legions marched on it and it has been used as a staple in many types of the world. Essential Food is based on pre-sprouted barley, it is harvested just before the grain sprouts, when the seed is storing the maximum amount of nutrients for plant growth. Added to the formula are more highly nutritious ingredients. For more information click here.
Essential Food is made from many natural ingredients in a base of pre-sprouted barley.
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