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Yin Yang is a range of cosmetic and theraputic creams that are created from natural, organic, botanical ingredients.
Kaolin Face Mask
Made from special mineral rich clays, apply as a mask and revitalise the skin.
 Price: £13.03

MSM Cream
Contains the Sulphur compound, MSM, apply around the joints to relieve pain.
Price: £23.44

Natural Moisturiser
A light formula suitable for all ages and skin types.
Price: £14.09

PH Amino Gold Moisturiser
Popular with skiers and mountaineers as well as anyone exposed to the weather, protects against the ravages of extreme climates or the sun.
Price: £16.60


Rich Skin Food
An organic botanical skin formula especially formulated for the working lady with a busy lifestyle.
Price: £20.35

Skin Cleanser
Containing spring water, witch hazel, coconut oil and Essential Oil of Sweet Orange. Leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised.
Price: £12.77

Skin Renew
A cream designed to revitalise t he skin and restore a youthfull look.
Price: £15.65

Orange Water Skin Toner
Supports the skin around the eyes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Price: £12.77

Joint Cream
Apply around the joints to reduce joint pain.
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Price: £6.38

Wild Yam Cream
Contains amino acids and other nutrients thought to provide relief for ladies who
are experiencing the menopause.
Price: £18.34






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