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Himalayan Crystal Bathsalt Lavender 500g  

Himalayan Crystal Bath
Salts 500g.

Slip into a sheer ocean of energy
with these magical Himalayan
bath salts. 
Imagine taking a
dip in the pristine primal ocean,
some 250 million years ago.
Now you can. Relax, while
your body absorbs the 84
vital nutrients and your skin
attains the soft glow of health.
packaged in a linen bag.

Unscented £9.95
Lavender scented£10.20

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Seagreens Mineral Bath

The Mineral Bath contains wild 
harvested ascophyllum seaweed, 
packaged into bags which can 
be put into your bath and allowed 
draw. The wonderful nourishing 
seaweed is then able to be easily 
absorbed into the body with all its

Price £21.50

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