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G and G Vitamins  
Vitae Diem, Protein Powder.

Vitae Diem is a smarter approach
to healthy nutrition, giving you
your daily dose of vitality. This
completely organic vegan
protein powder comes entirely
from plant sources. It contains
pea and rice protein at the ideal
5:2 ratio, and natural vitamins,
minerals and fibre for a
completely holistic and
organic solution to your daily

500g powder £32.00

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G and G Vitamins CO Q10 100mg

Coenzyme Q₁₀, known commonly as
CoQ10, is closely involved in the
metabolic processes that converts
glucose into the energy that drives
every process in the body. This is
why it is so abundant in muscle
tissue with heart muscle having
the highest concentration of CoQ10.

60 vegetarian capsules £18.00

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G and G Vitamins Full Spectrum
Amino Acid Complex

This new blend of full spectrum
amino acids provide all 20 amino
acids used by the human body,
including the 9 essential amino
acids that the body can’t
synthesise. The amino acids
in our full spectrum supplements
are all in a free form crystalline state. 

120 vegetarian capsules £20.00

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G and G Vitamins Saw
Palmetto&Zinc 800mg

Saw Palmetto is an extract from a
small palm tree that grows wild in
South America and Africa, and
has been used extensively for
many years. The active
ingredients within Saw
Palmetto include plant
sterols and fatty acids.

120 vegetarian capsules £18.00

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