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The nutritional value of food is in steep decline. An annual analysis of 72 foods between 1940 and 2002 shows an average loss of 19% magnesium, 29% calcium, 37% iron, and 62% copper. Over a similar post-War period, saturated fat in beef and chicken has risen more than 400%, whilst essential omega-3 fats critical to nervous, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and eliminatory systems, have declined in the same proportion.

Seaweed responds to these concerns in numerous ways. It contains all the minerals and micronutrients missing from our soils in ideal natural proportions; it is eminently suitable for inclusion in soil, plants and animals; and as a human food ingredient, could rebalance the diet of millions of people worldwide. It is an organic, nutrient rich, low-energy food – exactly what is needed to compensate for declining levels of physical activity among most of the population.

Seagreens Food Capsules

60 caps £16.96
180 caps £47.26

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Seagreens Food Granules

100g powder £50.33 

Seagreens Iodine Plus

60 caps  £13.96

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Seagreens Salad Condiment
50g £10.74

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Seagreens the Mineral Salt

90g £8.74

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Seagreens Pet Granules

Price £15.54

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Seagreens Mineral Bath

Price: £21.50

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Seagreens Culinary Ingredient

200g £17.94.


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