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G and G Vitamins  Vitae Diem
vegetable protein powder.

Vitae Diem is a smarter approach to
healthy nutrition, giving you your
daily dose of vitality. This completely
organic vegan protein powder comes
entirely from plant sources. It
ontains pea and rice protein at t
he ideal 5:2 ratio, and natural
vitamins, minerals and fibre for
a completely holistic and organic
solution to your daily nutrition. 
Both pea and rice proteins are
considered to be complete
protein sources, which means
they contain all 9 essential
amino acids.

500g powder £32.00

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G and G Vitamins Slimasleep

There isn’t any pill which can make
at just disappear without altering
your body chemistry in an often
disastrous way. A healthy lifestyle,
regular exercise and a well-
balanced diet is key to shifting
 unwanted weight or simply
achieving a healthier BMI.
When you make the decision t
to eat less you may accidently
be cutting the levels of nutrients
 that your body needs in order
to maintain a healthy balance.
Slimasleep has been designed
to help guard against a shortfall
in amino acids, as these are
the building blocks of protein
and necessary for forming
muscle. This is not a
 ‘weight-loss’ or ‘muscle-
building’ product – it is
a safeguard against a
nutritional deficiency
while dieting.

60 vegetarian capsules £8.00

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G and G Vitamins Slimawake

There isn’t any pill which can 

make fat just disappear without 

altering your body chemistry i

n an often disastrous way. A 

healthy lifestyle, regular 

exercise and a well-balanced 

diet is key to shifting unwanted 

weight or simply achieving a 

healthier BMI. White kidney 

bean extract (phaseolus 

vulgaris) is often known as

a 'carb blocker' as it helps 

to eliminate calories from 

starchy foods, giving an 

overall reduction of calorific 


60 vegetarian capsules £10.00

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G and G Vitamins Lecithin
Pure granules.

Lecithin is a phospholipid, a plant sterol. 
It is a natural source of choline and 
inositol and is rich in Phosphatidyl 
Serine (PS). Natural levels of PS 
decline with age. These granules 
can be taken off the spoon or added
to foods. Our Lecithin Supplement 
Granules come from 100% pure, non-
GM soya. Each tablespoon (7.5 grams) 
of lecithin granules contains about 
700mg of phosphatidyl choline, 
1000mg of phosphatidyl inositol, 
and about 2,200mg of 
essential fatty acids as 
linoleic acid. It also contains 
the valuable fish-oil-like, 
omega-3 linolenic acid.

    400g powder £17.00

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