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G and G Vitamins Meno Time

Meno-Time is designed for women
in the menopausal stages of life.
Meno-Time is a blend of important
nutrients including desert date
from tropical Africa containing
an alternative source of
diosgenen and is specially
designed for women. The
herbs in the Meno-Time formulation
have traditionally been
taken by menopausal women
for their balancing properties
and are complemented by
the presence of several antioxidants.

90 vegetarian capsules £22.00

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G and G Vitamins Evening
Primrose Oil

Vitamin F is best known as 
Evening Primrose Oil, and 
is derived from the seed of 
the evening primrose plant. 
Our Vitamin F Evening Primrose 
Oil supplement blend combines 
linoleic acid (a source of omega 6), 
oleic acid (a source of omega 9), 
and vitamin E. We guarantee a 
minimum 10% GLA level. Linoleic 
acid contributes to the maintenance 
of normal blood cholestol levels

    120 vegetarian capsules £12.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Meno Pack

    The Meno Pack is designed specifically
    to supplement a woman's diet during
    the menopause. We've found every
    supplement that may help during
    menopause. We've packaged
    these health supplements in
    one 28 day pack to ease the
    daily process of supplement

    28 day pack £39.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Anti- Aging pack

    G&G's Anti-Ageing supplement
    pack provides a 28 day supply
    of specially selected health
    supplements that contribute
    to the protection of cells
    from oxidative stress.

    We ensure that all of the health
    supplements that we formulate
    are perfectly balanced to work
    with the body, providing precise
    nutrient levels of certain vitamins
    nd minerals

    28 day pack £39.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    CO Q10 100mg

    Coenzyme Q₁₀, known commonly 
    as CoQ10, is closely involved in 
    the metabolic processes that 
    converts glucose into the 
    energy that drives every 
    process in the body. This 
    is why it is so abundant in 
    muscle tissue with heart 
    muscle having the highest 
    concentration of CoQ10.

    We use an exceptionally 

    high grade of CoQ10 within 

    our supplements. There is 

    100mg of CoQ10 in every 

    supplement capsule.

    60 vegetarian capsules £18.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Collagen 400mg

    Collagen is one of the most
    abundant proteins in the body
    and it is the protein that makes
    up the connective tissue in
    the skin and muscles. Our
    ollagen supplements contain
    100% pure encapsulated

    60 vegetarian capsules £8.00


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    G and G Vitamins
    Collagen extra 

    Collagen Extra Supplements
    provide all the benefits of
    collagen supplements with
    added glucosamine, chondroitin,
    vitamin C and MSM. This
    creates a collagen supplement
    that provides an extra mineral
    and vitamin boost.

    60 vegetarian capsules £13.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Folic Acid

    Our folic acid supplements 

    provide 950mcg of folic acid 

    n capsule form, to create an 

    ideal daily supplement.Folic 

    cid intake increases maternal 

    folate status. Low maternal 

    olate status is a risk factor in 

    the development of neural tube 

    defects in the developing foetus. 

    The beneficial effect is obtained 

    with a supplemental folic acid 

    daily intake of 400μg for at least 

    one month before and up to 

    three months after conception 

    for women of child bearing age.

    120 vegetarian caps £8.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Daily Pack Pregnancy.

    The G&G Pregnancy Pack contains 
    a selection of carefully selected 
    vitamin and mineral supplements 
    to aid in foetal development* and 
    to maintain the ideal balance of 
    nutrients for an expectant mother. 
    It is ideal for taking when 
    trying to conceive, and 
    hroughout pregnancy.The 
    Pregnancy Pack contains an 
    extremely effective form of folic 
    acid. Conventional folic acid is 
    synthetic and is used in many 
    vitamin supplements. We use L-5-
    methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), 
    which is the active form of folic 
    acid and is found in nature

    28 day supply £32.00

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    G and G Vitamins
    Daily Pack, PMS

    G&G's specialist blend PMS
    Pack provides 3 months
    supply of supplement
    sachets that can be taken
    daily for the 10 days prior
    to a woman's period.
    Each sachet provides
    two special prems 
    formula, two evening
    primrose oil and a
    vitamin B complex

    28 day pack £36.00

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    Complete Beauty

    Complete Beauty is a health
    supplement with a difference.
    Our unique blend brings
    together a balanced blend
    of vitamins and minerals that
    contribute to the maintenance
    of normal hair, normal skin
    and normal nails. Our
    Complete Beauty formula
    also contains OptiMSM,
    spirulina, bamboo and
    hyaluronic acid. These
    ingredients are vital in
    any natural anti-ageing
    or beauty supplement.

    120 vegetarian capsules 14.00

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